The cardiology department at DY Patil Healthcare is one of the most sought after services with its state-of-the-art facilities and newly upgraded equipment. The Cardiac Catheterization laboratory where all the angioplasty, angiography, etc are performed has a fully digital panel cath-lab from Siemens. The cardiology department has expertise in all three types of cardiology i.e invasive, non-invasive and interventional. The team consists of skilled doctors and nurses which provide effective medical treatments to the patients. The cardiology department provides all services from early diagnosis of heart diseases to open-heart surgeries with the help of a doctor’s expertise. The care-takers and nurses are present 24/7 to monitor changes and progress in the patient’s health.

Some of the major services provided:-

  1. IVC filter Implantation
  2. Permanent Pace Maker Insertion
  3. Balloon Pulmonary Volvoplasty (BPV)
  4. ASD Closure
  5. Embolization Procedure
  6. VSD Closure

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