The department of Dermatology at DY Patil Healthcare upholds high standards of excellence Рbe it consultation or surgery. The department treats a wide range of medical conditions related to the skin that vary from the pairing of warts and corns, small scar revision to acne, psoriasis, and vitiligo surgeries. Problems related to skin, hair, and nails are taken care of by the dermatologists. Best personalized skincare routines are provided for patients according to their skin types and medical conditions. It is ensured that the best counseling and treatment plans are carried out to accomplish good results. The department has a phototherapy medical treatment (PUVA & UVB) that helps diagnose and treat certain skin conditions like vitiligo, psoriasis and white patches on hand, feet & ankle that are generally unresponsive to all available present treatment. We have multi-specialty clinics like Acne, STDs, etc where patients can come in for consultation and counseling which will help a lot in today’s generation. Not only that there exists a special clinic dedicated only for Urticaria, with the best in house medical facilities.

Some of the major dermatology services provided:-

  1. Acne Surgery
  2. Large Scar Revision
  3. Small Scar Revision
  4. Pairing of Warts Or Corns
  5. Vitiligo Surgery
  6. Mandible Reconstruction
  7. Sinus Lavage
  8. Marsupialization & Peripheral Osteotomy

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