The department of ophthalmology does not only concern itself with conditions of the eye but also to the lacrimal system. A wide array of services are offered under the department of Ophthalmology like cataract, oculoplastic, reconstructive surgeries, glaucoma, cornea, neuro-ophthalmology, etc. Eyes play a huge role in our lives and have to be looked after well. Hence DY Patil provides high-tech machines and the latest laser treatments for eye conditions, ensuring good health before and after the surgery.

Some of the major services provided:-

  1. Anterior vitrectomy
  2. Peripheral Iridectomy Iris Cyst
  3. Epicanthus
  4. Pterygium with autograft
  5. Cataract – acrisoft
  6. Ptosis
  7. Iris Claw insertion

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