One in eight babies is born prematurely, a fact we cannot change. These fragile babies are in dire need of healthy and preservative-free milk, which is impossible to get. Considering all the factors, DY Patil Healthcare came up with the innovative idea of opening up a human milk bank. A human milk bank, which is first of its kind in the whole of Navi Mumbai. Inaugurated it on 27th April 2019 and named as Atulya Amrut, the human milk bank was opened in association with the Rotary Club of New Bombay Seaside. The milk is passed through a screening procedure, where the milk is examined for bacteria and viruses. It is further tested for authenticity and then stored in deep freezer so that it can be made available as per the requirement. A process of pasteurizing milk ensures that the beneficial properties of the milk are not destroyed. The human milk bank aims to provide healthy and nutritious milk for the growth of fragile babies. A standardized procedure for the collection of breast milk donated by lactating mothers is followed. The supply of milk is possible only with the donation of healthy women, who are often nursing their infants and donate extra milk for the good health of fragile babies. Human milk contains antibodies to fight disease and infection, and also protects against allergies, it’s the reason premature babies who need growth and protection are fed with human milk. In the absence of mother’s milk, pasteurized donor milk is considered, as the best alternative.